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Sinbi Muay Thai Camp is a massive, open air gym with 3 full size rings, 22 bags including 2 wall bags, a stretching/shadowboxing and warmup area, a fully kitted weights room which has a selection of free weights, kettle bells, benches, isolation machines and spinning bikes, rowers and a high rise roof which allows a breeze to flow through he gym to help cool you down.

We also have the largest Muay Thai shop in Phuket stocking absolutely the best in Muay Thai equipment at the best prices.

There are 12 rooms on site, the majority of them being shared dorm style rooms with multiple beds as well as the new Sinbi Apartments, Seaview rooms that feature a pool, rooftop views and other luxuries we detail on the Sinbi Apartments website.
  • Accommodation 33 Rooms
  • 3 full size, competition size rings
  • 22 bags
  • 16 Trainers (varies up and down slightly but we try to keep a 2-1 – 3-1 student to trainer ratio)
  • Huge, Open Plan Gym that uses the sea and jungle air to keep us cool.
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Weights room with multiple Strength and Conditioning Machines including Smith, Free Weights, Benches, Rowing Machines, Spinning bikes and more.
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