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Fighting name: Thopadak Wanchalerm aka Sinbi Taewoong
Date of birth: 24 September 1979
First Fight: 9
Fights: 200+ fights

2005 KOMA Champion, Korea
Number 1 ranked fighter at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok
Number 1 ranked fighter at Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Bangkok
South Thailand Champion at 70lb

Thopadak Wanchalerm is Sing's Thai fighting name, which he used for many years whilst fighting in Bangkok. Sinbi Taewoong is Sing's Korean fighting name, which he uses when fighting K-1. Sinbi means 'mysterious' in Korean and Taewoong is the name of the gym where he trained. It was the owner of this gym who brought him to Korea to fight K-1. Sing is his Thai nickname, all thai's have these. Sing is an owner, manager and head trainer at Sinbi Muay Thai camp.


Fighting name: KimchiSinbimuaythai

Dee has been with SinbiMuay Thai since day 1. He is a world class trainer and speaks amongst the best English of all the trainers and is absolutely meticulous when it comes to correcting peoples technique. Dee has fought in Korea, Germany and Japan as well as Thailand.

He's had over 183 fights fight ages 8 years old and held the South Thailand championship belts at 118lbs & 122lbs.


Fighting name: DenlagnguTorsamakom

Ann came to us many years ago after working as a fighter/trainer at the famous Chuwattana Gym in Bangkok on the recommendation of DetSinbimuaythai (retired) who was his elder there. Famous for his immensely powerful push kick and and powerful style of fighting coupled with his relaxed and fun attitude has made Ann a favourite of many.

Ann has had a whopping 220 fights and was WMC champ @ 135lbs,ranked number 1 at Rajadamnern stadium,is current Norway Champion and previously held South Thailand Champ belt @ 105lbs & 118lbs

Bao V

Fighting name: YodlamSingsonchai

BaoV is the brother of SinbiTaewoong and they used to train together when Sinbi was a young boy and BaoV was a little older! BaoV has been training fighters for many years and is extremely experienced. His very fast paced style of pad holding will always keep you on your toes as he likes to throw plenty of feints and tricks to make sure you're working defense as much as working on your striking technique.


Fighting name: Pongdet Tor. Chalumchai

Yib is a favourite amongst bigger people as he's one of the biggest of the bunch! When Sing fought K1 and won the K1 Max title, Yib was Sings pad holder and sing says Yib made him feel very powerful and fast the way he held pads. This is similar to what his current students will tell you. He has a knack of bringing out your power and speed and pushing you that one step further than you think you can go.


Fighting name: SaksuriyaSatid CD

Fa is always in high demand for his 1 on 1 session. His technical teaching style clear explanations make his a top Kru. Fa has had over 160 fights, his first being aged 10, and held the highly prizedCP Tournament belt&Lumpinee belt.

Check out Fa in action fighting against the legendary PornsaneSitmonchai (link here)


Fighting name: Kwanchai

Kook comes from the legendary Kaewsamrit gym in Bangkok. Don't let his baby face deceive you- he's had over 160 fights and held the South Thailand championship belt at 55lbs & 118lbs. Kook is great at teaching all abilities- from total beginners to pro fighters alike. He is very technical teacher/fighter and will push you to your absolute limits.


Fighting name: PompunOyuthanangon

Eyat is head trainer to all of Sinbi's young Thai fighters who live at the gym. He can be seen accompanying them on their daily runs (on his scooter of course) and putting them through their paces on pads each day .


Fighting name: JarunthongRumjaipuan

Run comes from Nakhonsitamarad. He came to us highly recommended from Sit Yot Tong Gym in Nakhonsitamarad, where he was training children. He narrowly missed being Lumpinee's top fighter for his weight on two occasions. Both times he lost to the same opponent – NuengPitchit. He has fought at Lumpinee 85 times and lost only 15 times. He fought at Racherdamnern 20 times. He also fought once for Channel 7 TV. His particular strength as a fighter is his kneeing ability.


Fighting name: DenkaoseanKaovichit

Fhad is a quite but very friendly trainer, he has fast paced pads and will correct you a lot on technique. Fhad takes good care of his students and Fighters and takes them under his wing.


Fighting name: SangpetCor.Varachai

Ben "the gentle giant" is a technical but faced paced trainer and always a favorite amongst the Thai fighters. With over 180 fights under his belt and years worth of teaching experience he's a great asset to the Sinbi team.


Fighting name: SaenkeangKaitjarunchai

Hailing from Songkhla, Keang had his first fight aged 8 years, and has a whopping 225 fights under his belt. He was the South Thailand champion at 140lbs & 147lbs.


Fighting name: RungfaSitaminbut

Pon is super friendly and really likes taking the time to get to know his students. He practically enjoys teaching beginners and children and will always go out of his way to help with anything you might need during your stay.


Fighting name: YudthajakChowarachai

Juk joins us after years of teaching at the famous Yodyut gym in KohSamui. He's a hard worker and takes great pleasure in seeing his students develop in confidence and skill.


Fighting name: ThanuritKaovichit

Toon's been working as a trainer for over 7 years now. He says he likes to work on peoples weaknesses, instead of focusing on their strengths to help build them into well rounded fighters.